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Operation can be left and right bow archers.Shot a lot ofarrow.Experience the thrill of archeryFeet can withstand secondarydamage.The body can withstand a harm.Hit the head can hit akill.Love can be shot in the removal of an arrow.

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    Easy Archers
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    October 21, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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滿貫麻將王 2.3.4 APK
分為單機與對戰模式 單人模式: 胡牌時飜數達到一定台數可進入大滿貫免費模式,增加滿貫機率遊戲中可使用DONDEN與對家交換整副牌,等於一次聽2副牌哦 對戰模式: 想跟其他玩家對戰可選對戰模式中途斷線或超時會自動切回單機模式 每局消耗1分 玩到沒有分數?沒關係,有用不完的分數可挑戰最高排行榜. 目前有以下排行:得分之王:累積的得分 一飜之王:一飜次數 二飜之王:二飜次數 三飜之王:三飜次數 滿貫之王:滿貫次數 跳滿之王:跳滿次數倍滿之王:倍滿次數 三倍滿之王:三倍滿次數 役滿之王:役滿次數 孔雀之王:紅孔雀+孔雀東南飛次數 綠之王:萬綠一點紅+綠一色次數ps:對戰模式的押注為1分,無分數時也可進入 Single machine and battle mode Single playermode: When the number of cards is reached, the number of turns canreach a certain number of free slam free modes, increasing thechance of slam. In the game, you can use DONDEN to exchange thewhole deck with the opponent, which is equal to listening to 2decks at a time. Battle mode: Want to play against other players inthe optional battle mode Mid-line disconnection or timeout willautomatically switch back to stand-alone mode 1 point per game Noscores to play? It doesn't matter, the endless scores can challengethe highest leaderboard. Currently has the following rankings: Kingof Scores: Cumulative Score The king of the king: the number oftimes King of the Two Kingdoms: Number of Times The king of threekings: three times King of Slam: Slam King of Jumping: Full Numberof Jumps King of the Full Man: Full Number of Times Triple Manchu:Three times full King of servants: full number of times King ofPeacock: Red Peacock + Peacock Southeast Fly King of Green: WanGreen a little red + green one color times Ps: The bet on thebattle mode is 1 point. You can enter without a score.
ShelfLife 1.06 APK
Have expired or food items into the experience of it broken into?can help you keep track of goods and food shelf life.There are fooditems or you forgot to put there? can help you keep track of goodsand food storage area.Make a record indeed often forget to checkout? allows you to set the reminder time.As long as there is atime-date objects can be recorded.Can also take pictures or picturemanagement.Too lazy to enter Voice input can also be used.And setwhen reminders.You can also back up data to import anotherdevice.Let your food items before they expire or can be properlydealt with.Prompt:The location of the database backup on the SDcardAndroid / data / chad.tools.shelflife / directoryWill. Sld fileto other phones in the same directory on the SD card, you canimport the databaseIn the photo a long press on a button, you canselect the pictures on the SD card
Slot Machine Halloween Jackpot 1.0.0 APK
Sign in now face book account, giving100Kscore.Play simple, winning easily.Level upgrade, bet ceiling increases.The time comes to bonuses, score ever use.Exciting competition mode, the first and last all prizes.Three different jackpot, everyone has the opportunity to get.
Take Aim for Pokemon GO 1.0 APK
Help you throw for Pokemon GO tool,Convenient aiming straightaids.Use floating button to switch between show / hide auxiliaryframe.Note: After you install this software allows for an automaticstart, disappeared after floating icon will no longer appear.
Puzzle Online 1.3.9 APK
PuzzleOnline is a mental game, and the need to connect to theInternet.There are three kinds of puzzle games are played.1 slidingmode mobile space next to the box.2 puzzle mode switch 2 box.3 Rollmode for a group of three boxes, you can scroll the entiregroup.When all the boxes move to the right place, will form acomplete picture.Games, selectable reference auxiliary game.Adjustthe transparency of the completion figure.Sources from the Internetto download images, so occasionally add new pictures.Recommend thatyou use Wi-Fi environment to download.
滿貫麻將王2 錦標賽 1.4.6 APK
不只回味大滿貫的滋味,參加比賽還有機會贏取獎品!趕快加入吧! 寶牌計算與一代不同: 規則是用日本麻將的指示牌,所以下一張牌就是寶牌。舉例: 翻出一萬,寶牌是二萬 翻出九筒,寶牌是一筒 東南西北依此順序 白發中依此順序. 比賽注意事項: 一.名次以金幣數量做為排名.二.比賽結束後前三十名可得到紅鑽,金幣歸零。(其餘依比例清除,但也有可能歸零)三.累積紅鑽五百顆以上可換相同新台幣的獎品(需扣除運費). 四.同名次紅鑽平分. 五.參賽者在比賽期間可提高押注上限.六.超過二個月未領取紅鑽會被取消. 七.各排名所得紅鑽依各期排名表上為主. 第1名. 1000 第2名. 650 第3名. 500第4名. 300 第5名. 250 第6名. 200 第7至10名. 150 第11名. 140 第12名. 130 第13至20名.120 第21名. 100 第22名. 80 第23至30名. 60 八.三十名外於比賽結束後依分數高低參與抽紅鑽,分數越多機會越大。九.主辦方保有修正、變更或終止比賽及變更獎勵之權利. 注意:獎品的寄送限台灣本島。 清除資料或移除軟體則不會保留體驗帳號。 Notonly Grand Slam aftertaste taste, as well as the opportunity toparticipate in the competition to win prizes! Come on and join it!Treasure card calculation and generation differences: JapaneseMahjong rules with signs, so the next card is the treasure card.For example: Pulls out of ten thousand, twenty thousand-licensingis Pulls out nine tube, is a tube-licensing Old and in this orderWhite hair in this order. Note the game: I. ranking to the numberof coins as a ranking. II. After the game the first 30 availableRed Diamonds, gold zero. (According to the proportion of theremaining clear, but there may be zero) III. Accumulated reddiamond can exchange them for prizes over five hundred identical NT(to deduct shipping). IV. With Red Diamond ranking equally. V.contestants during the competition can improve the bet limit. VI.Red Diamonds did not receive more than two months will be canceled.VII. Each of the resulting ranking Red Diamonds in accordance witheach of the league table based. The first one. 1000 The first two.650 The first three. 500 The first four. 300 The first five. 250The first six. 200 To 10 of 7.150 11th. 140 The first 12. 130 Of 20to 13.120 The first 21 100 The first 22. 80 The first 23-30 60VIII. Thirty outside after the game according to the scores theyparticipate pumping red diamond, the more points the greater thechance. IX. Organizers retain amend, change or terminate theContest and award the changes. Note: send prizes limit the islandof Taiwan.            Clearinformation is not retained or removed software experience account.
Easy Archers 1.0 APK
Operation can be left and right bow archers.Shot a lot ofarrow.Experience the thrill of archeryFeet can withstand secondarydamage.The body can withstand a harm.Hit the head can hit akill.Love can be shot in the removal of an arrow.
Free Hit 1.1 APK
features:Own designSave and share videoscrunchy sound effectsHappyimpact