1.0 / December 21, 2016
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Be a giant crazy clown smashing anddestroyingpublic property! Chase peaceful citizens and have funwith CreepyClown: City Destruction!

Are you afraid of clowns? These horrific pale red-nosedfiendsare so dreadful, that many children screaming in fear justnoticingany clown around! Even the King of Horror have written afamousnovel about the demonic clown! And with our game you can beone ofsuch creatures!

Unleash your rage and fury around the city blocks to find anewprey for your mad clown! Start a hunt in the big city withCreepyClown: City Destruction! This city is full of dangers – andyou’reone of such dangers!

Chase humans, cats, and dogs and have fun! But beware – copsandSWAT are waiting when you become reckless to kill you withoutanysign of mercy! Moreover, they can summon military forces here –andyou’re still not so strong to stand against tank orarmyhelicopter!

Stay alerted all the time – maintain your clown’s healthandenergy rate to survive and have fun playing this citydemolitionsimulator! Earn points for successive completion ofmissions toupgrade your demon clown - change the color of skin andhair, buynew attack or weapon, or other boosters!

Creepy Clown: City Destruction features:
Unusual city demolition simulator
Hunt for citizens and animals, chase cars
Avoid aggressive policemen trucks, tanks, andarmoredtroop-carriers!
Earn points and customize your clown as you want

App Information Creepy Clown: City Destruction

  • App Name
    Creepy Clown: City Destruction
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 21, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Cartoon World Games
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Crazy T-Rex dino is noticed on Cartoon city streets! Plunge thiscity into a total mess, wrecking, smashing and destroyingeverything on your way with this crazy dino simulator in 3D!Tyrannosaurus is a huge dinosaur and can cause a massive damage!Control crazy dino monster and feel the power of destructionsmashing cars, crashing buildings and making rampage!Start your owndinosaur adventure with this rampage style 3D animal simulator.Bring up your T-Rex dino doing crazy thing and upgrade itsdestruction skills plunging this city into a total mess! Show howwild your Tyrannosaurus Rex is – crash, wreck and destroy streetstuff and smash cars going down the cartoon street. The more youplay, the more the Dino grows and wilder it becomes! Seems like areal Mayhem! Have fun destroying and crashing houses, cars andother things playing Tyrannosaurus Dino Simulator 3D in 3D! Feelthe power of huge monster animal and show how wild your are! Beinga Jurassic dino is a bit funnier than playing usual animalsimulators, huh?Mind T-Rex dino indicators – crashing cars mayinjure him! Walk around the Cartoon City being a Jurassic dinosaurand start a Mayhem! Remember that Tyrannosaurs is the most powerfuldino, so you can destroy everything you want! Have fun crashing,smashing and wrecking with this T-Rex dino simulator in 3D! Upgradedino’s destruction skills annoy citizen and turn this place into apanic! Huge Jurassic dino came from an ancient forest and justwants to have fun! Are you will enough to turn this Cartoon Cityinto Mayhem? Get to know playing crazy dino simulator! Crash, wreckand destroy being a T-Rex with Tyrannosaurus DinoSimulator!Tyrannosaurus Dino Simulator features:- Crazy dinosaursimulator in 3D- Huge cartoon world to explore - crash houses,smash cars, wreck stuff and have fun- Upgrade T-Rex destructionskills to become more powerful- Amazing 3D graphicsIt’s high timeto destroy! Play as a Tyrannosaurus Rex - the most powerful andfrightening creature! Tired of usual animal survival simulators?Make a Mayhem, crash houses, wreck stuff and show how crazy you areplunging Cartoon City into a total mess with this T-Rex dinosaursimulator! Don't let citizens a chance to survive! Crasheverything, wreck stuff, scare people and show that dino rampageis! Can you make a fun of being a crazy Dino? Enjoy TyrannosaurusDino Simulator! If you ever wondered what it would be like to takecontrol of a Dinosaur, this is your chance.More games, rates andreviews on our FB page -http://www.facebook.com/Cartoon-World-Games-1642487462692741/
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Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D 1.0 APK
Live a life of a cute kitten, wrecking and crashing everything onyour way! Little home cat just wants to play! Explore house, earnpoints destroying stuff, hunt for mice and find food to survive!What is like to be a cute pet? And what are your going to dostaying alone? Get to know playing this cat survival simulator in3D! It’s high time to misbehave!Destroy objects, wreck furnitureand have fun misbehaving or just enjoy your time being the cutestpet ever – little house kitten! Use your paws to break differentobjects and climb the walls to get to the highest ones! Makerampage and show your naughty reality crashing everything on yourway with Home Cat Survival Simulator 3D game! You don’t need tosurvive and thrive in harsh conditions, hunt for wild animals orhide from predators as a wild cat, so enjoy your time playing thispet simulator! Be a cute house cat, stay at home alone andmisbehave! Enjoy Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D – great game for allkitten lovers! Are you ready to become a varmint?Explore huge housefull of secrets (and items to crash, of course) and show what realcat rampage is! Earn points destroying things, hunting for mice andmisbehaving and unlock new rooms! Don’t forget to mind indicators -find food or hunt mice to make it your next meal with this kittensimulator. If one of indicators decays the zero – there is nochance to survive! Try yourself being a little cute cat making funof crashing things! It’s not like playing survival simulators,enjoy the pet life!This cat simulator will let you become a realcat and break objects just with a touch of your paw! Break maximumobjects around you to bring up your cute kitten to a real rampagingcat! Tired of usual survival simulators and animal games? Tryyourself as being a cute pet! Stay at home alone, meet other petsor animals, hunt for mice and just do anything you want! Feel likea real house varmint- misbehave, destroy things, wreck stuff, huntand chase mice just for fun! Live the life of a kitten and grow itto a real home cat – varmint and rampaging! Mind cat’s energy,health and hunger rate to survive! Hunt for mice or find foodhidden at home to stay alive and enjoy amazing cat simulator forall ages! Try Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D – smash, crash, wreck anddestroy! Become real reason of destruction playing this kittensimulator in 3D!Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D features:- Ultimate petexperience – crash, wreck and destroy being a cute house cat- Mindkitten’s indicators to grow it to a rampaging cat - maintainhealth, energy and hunger rate- Huge house for your cat tomisbehave – unlock new rooms for more destruction- Amazing catsurvival simulator in 3DTry yourself being a cute kitten orrampaging cat playing this pet simulator in 3D! Live the life of acute varmint cat, stay at home alone and enjoy life full ofadventures! Survive in this place full of dangers, explore house,unlock new rooms to crash and wreck more items! It’s not likeplaying usual cat simulator - level your kitten up to become amature cat and increase health and energy rate, upgrade survivalskill, destroy and wreck house staff to become more varmint! Live alife of a pet with Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D! Are you ready todestroy everything on your way?More games, rates and reviews on ourFB page -http://www.facebook.com/Cartoon-World-Games-1642487462692741/