After Twenty Years, Raging Speedhorn Culminate With The Blistering Hard To Kill

After Twenty Years, Raging Speedhorn Culminate With The Blistering Hard To Kill

The music Dignity Stripper is a “combination of wild sludge core with a sugar-sweet refrain melody”. In January 2004 guitarist Loughlin left the band and was changed by Jaye Thompson (Ex- Defenestration ). Loughlin stayed with the band, so to talk, because he joined the London administration firm that labored for Raging Speedhorn. After some members had devoted themselves to other facet initiatives, the compilation Live and Demos was released in 2004 .

leg of the Tattoo the Planet tour, the band began recording their second album, We Will Be Dead Tomorrow, which appeared in August 2002. That yr’s touring schedule also took in Scandinavia as well as a collection of dates supporting the German hard rock act Rammstein in the U.K. Notable for their twin-lead vocal approach, British sludge metallers Raging Speedhorn introduced the genre into the U.K. charts in the early 21st century, following a mixture of workmanlike touring and favorable press protection. A seemingly ever-changing lineup also supplied longevity and — following a hiatus — the Midlands band were nonetheless performing and recording properly beyond their 20-year anniversary. Their drummer, Gordon Morison, was the one everlasting fixture in the group, from their 1998 formation proper by way of a sixth album, 2020’s Hard to Kill.

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In 2003 the group additionally played with Ministry in Berlin and with Stone Sour and Saliva in Munich. Performances in Europe with Fear Factory have been deliberate for autumn 2003, however these had been canceled as a result of birth of Frank Regan’s first baby. Instead, Raging Speedhorn gave concert events with Clutch and Candiria in the UK. At the end of October the single Fuck the Voodooman was released , with the limited edition cover variations of Black Flags My War and Uriah Heeps Gypsy being included . Opener “Snakebite” kicks off almost immediately with an insistent, churning heavy steel riff, pounding drums and chunky bass, as Regan and new co-vocalist Daniel Cook launch themselves out of the beginning blocks with a demented dual attack, enjoying off each other.

  • In the intervening years, the two Thompsons and John Loughlin fashioned the Death of Us, while other bandmembers linked up with acts in Sweden.
  • ” from twin vocalists Frank Regan and the aforementioned Cook, on Snakebite, which is just below three minutes of frothing, mic-twirling, high-octane rock ‘n roll destruction – a bludgeoning opener of spirited hardcore.
  • The inherent rok dramatics and attack are the duties Mr Livingstone bears.
  • On 18 February 2014 it was introduced that the band would reform to perform at Damnation Festival in November 2014.
  • What the world needs proper now could be a brand new RAGING SPEEDHORN album.

Across Hard to Kill, there’s a actual soiled groove to proceedings that new bassist Andy Gilmour has no small hand in, notably on the relentless title track. This offers Raging Speedhorn an vitality and sense of enjoyable that, having gone again to their first couple of albums over the course of my time with Hard to Kill, was missing from their early days. RAGING SPEEDHORN will launch a new studio album, “Hard To Kill”, on October 23 by way of the band’s own Red Weed Records. Recorded with Russ Russell at Parlour Studios in Kettering, U.K., the LP sees RAGING SPEEDHORN as soon as again upping their own ante in terms of songwriting finesse … enjoying riff-fuelled dirty heavy metallic with aplomb. Joel McIver famous in his book The Next Generation of Rock & Punk Nu-Metal that the band’s music could be described as Extreme Nu Metal. The vocals range from guttural death steel vocals, over low whispers, classic rap and melodic rock melodies.

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Turbulent opener Snakebite charges full-steam into the sound of that early imperial section, whereas Doom Machine and Hammer Down offer the sort of sinewy, mid-paced grooves that made their name. Elsewhere, The Beast taps into a winningly trad strain of doom metal, while the title-observe feels as near the middle-finger-raised defiance of basic Motörhead as to the ramshackle degeneracy of obvious ancestors Iron Monkey. Over the course of 20 years, RAGING SPEEDHORN has constructed a stable and long-standing reputation as one of the U.K.’s main metal outfits.

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Both John Loughlin and Frank Regan would function on vocals, with the band showcasing tracks from their debut and sophomore albums. The band have additionally been confirmed to play the UK leg of the 2014 Sonisphere pageant. Raging Speedhorn are a British heavy steel band, based in Corby, Northamptonshire. According to Christian Graf in his Nu Metal and Crossover Lexicon , the debut album is a mixture of Black Sabbath and Pantera and was described as a masterpiece of noise , metallic and hardcore punk shortly after its launch . Gareth SmithRaging Speedhorn is an English extreme steel band from Corby , Northamptonshire , which was shaped in 1998, cut up up in 2008 and has been back in action since 2014.

Raging Speedhorn Announce New Album Exhausting To Kill

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